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How to order Valentines Flowers?

How to order Valentines Flowers?

Posted by Tiffany Houck on 21st Jan 2016

Valentine's is right around the corner!!! There are so many options from colors, flowers, and designs when purchasing arrangements. Here are some fun ideas and inspirations for your sweetheart!

Pave Arrangements

Pave style arrangements can be done low or tall. 

They are known for being 360 degrees of flowers, which is great for placement on a entrance, kitchen, or coffee table. Pave's traditionally contain very little greenery, so your arrangement is dense with flowers. Hydrangeas are a great base for this type of arrangement you can add lilies, roses, tulips, peonies, or orchids for a touch of your personal style!

Monochromatic & Monoflormatic Arrangements

When your know your sweethearts favorite color or flower monochromatic and monoflormatic arrangements are the perfect way to show you pay attention to detail! A arrangement of all roses is always a classic gestures, make sure when selecting the color roses that you are sending the right message! You can also have a blended arrangement to add variety.

Red- Love, Passion,  and Admiration

Pink- Infatuation, Sweetness, and Delicate

Yellow- Friendship, Texas, and Happiness


You can also have a blended arrangement to add variety.

Lily Arrangment

Lily's are always a fun, classy, and fragrant arrangement!

Modern Style Arrangement

A modern arrangement is traditionally seen with tropical flowers. To make your arrangement stand out ask for your modern arrangement with traditional flowers. This look is achieved by using grouping of flowers,  vivid colors, and expert designers.

These are just some ideas for how to make your sweethearts valentines day a touch more personal. Call (281)-242-1555 or stop in our design studio and let our designers create the perfect arrangement for you this Valentines!